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History of Parish
История прихода

Schedule of services
Расписание служб

Parish Life
Жизнь прихода

Saint Nicholas
Святитель Николай

Church School
Церковная школа

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Parish Life

Ministry Groups

  • Charity / Outreach
    The parish collects food, children's clothing and toys for a local charity, as well as being a helping hand to new emigres who may need temporary help.

  • Community affairs
    St Nicholas parish, in the person of Fr Kirrill Gvosdev, is part of the Russian Community Association, and doing extensive outreach to the Russian emigre community throughout South Florida .

  • Library
    St Nicholas maintains a 300 volume library, offering religious and cultural books in both English and Russian.

  • Organizations
    Organizations of the parish include Choir, Church School , and Altar Boys. The church school welcomes children from ages 2 and up.

  • Shoppe St Nicholas
    Offers religious and ethnic items, gifts, and books for sale. Icons, Russian Bibes, Georgan Bibles, children's books, Baptismal Crosses, Baptismal and wedding candles, greeting cards in English and Russian.

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  • Choir
    New members are always welcome. Won't you lend your voice to glorifying God?

  • Altar Boys
    We welcome altar servers from age 5.

  • Girls
    Girls also are called to perform duties in the church. Girls from age 5 and up are welcome.

2001 N. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
(954) 566-6358
Email: info@stnicholasftl.org

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