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Church School

The church school welcomes children from ages 2 and up!

Many parents do not take the responsibility of educating their children in the Church seriously. Where are the children? We should have more than 100 children enrolled in the Church School and yet it is only a faithful few who heed the call to educate their children in the church. This is God's command to parents and our St. Nicholas parents are ignoring it.

"Many Orthodox people today, believe that the main task in their religious 'podvig' (feat) is fidelity to external religious traditions and customs", said the head of the Department of External Affairs for the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Kyrill (Gundiaev) of Smolensk , during the broadcast of "The Pastor's Word". "This mindless, folksy Orthodoxy is a breeding ground for all kinds of sects," he stressed.
The bishop said that the goal of the Church today is to help people understand the essence of the Christian message, "that Orthodoxy is not folklore, not customs, not a museum - it is life. If these people would learn the Christian message, they will be well protected from the devastating effects of various sects and pseudo-religious phenomena."
He added that the more we know about our faith, the closer we are to God's teachings in daily life, that the more we rely on Christian motivation in our actions, "we will be stronger and stronger when faced with pseudo-religious propaganda, whose ultimate aim is to destroy the faith in our people."

Mothers, Fathers, Godparents, Grandparents, Siblings, Friends of Families YOU bear the responsibility before God to answer WHY the children are not there.

Children from age 2 and up should be in the Church School . Teenagers are welcome as aides. Heed the call to insure your children will be Orthodox and understand what Orthodox Christianity really is.

Church School meets every other week, 10:15-11:30am on Sundays. Even if you cannot make every class, bring your child as often as possible.

DON'T let your children down!!!!!!!!!!!

Please contact Nikoleta Nikolova (nikinikolova@att.net) with any questions about Sunday School

2001 N. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
(954) 566-6358
Email: info@stnicholasftl.org

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